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Infighting Reported between Turkish Army, Allied Terrorists in Northern Aleppo

23 March 2018 16:31


The Turkish army and Ankara-backed militants engaged in clashes in Northern Aleppo after the latter declared that no military operations will be conducted in the town of Tal Raf’at in Afrin region.

Hawar news reported on Friday that the clashes erupted in the town of A’azaz in Northern Aleppo after the Turkish army announced that it has no decision to attack Tal Raf’at.

Some reports also said that the Turkish army has fired at those who have held protest rallies in A’azaz.

Meantime, the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news channel reported a dozen casualties during the infighting between the Turkish army and its allied militants.

According to reports, the Syrian army has received control of some regions in Afrin, including Tal Raf’at, from the Kurdish forces.

The Syrian army dispatched a large number of forces and military equipment to Afrin region as the Turkish army and its allied militants intensified attacks against the Kurds South of the town.

Field sources reported on Wednesday that the Turkish army and its affiliated militants have opened a new operational front against the Kurdish militias South of the town of Afrin on Tuesday.

The Ankara-backed militants gained control of the strategic mountain of al-Ahlam and the villages of Basouteh, Ein Dareh, Karzihleh and Qazi Rihleh in clashes with the Kurdish forces in Southern Afrin.

Meantime, field sources reported that the Syrian army has sent tens of its forces and military equipment to the villages of Nobl and al-Zahra near Tal Rafa’at in South of Afrin.

The Syrian government has condemned the capture of Afrin by the Turkish military, calling on Ankara to “immediately” pull out troops from the Northwestern Syrian city.

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