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Hamas: Israeli threats do not scare us

27 March 2018 21:43


Member of Hamas Movement’s political bureau Mahmoud al-Zahhar said that Israeli threats do not scare Palestinian people and will not succeed to prevent the land Day marches.

Speaking to the PIC, al-Zahhar pointed out that the Land Day march would have dire consequences for the Israeli occupation.

Our Palestinian people have always been in support of resistance by all possible means, he added.

We will respond to any possible attack on the peaceful marches marking the Land Day, the senior Hamas leader warned.

The Palestinian right of return is a divine sign of Allah promises, al-Zahhar underlined.

The Land Day marches prove that our people will never give up any inch of Palestinian land even after 70 or 700 or 7000 years, according to his statements.

Commenting on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s recent statements against the Gaza Strip, al-Zahhar condemned the sanctions imposed on Gaza people, considering them real crimes.

On the other hand, he hailed the last maneuvers carried out by the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas. Nothing will stop Palestinian resistance or prevent the liberation of all of Palestine, he continued.


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