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Breaking: Syrian warplanes unleash retaliation bombardment on Douma militants for Damascus artillery attacks

7 April 2018 12:58


The Syrian Air Force is currently carrying out a retaliation bombardment against Jaysh al-Islam militants based in the district city of Douma after they started indiscriminately shelling residential areas of Damascus.

Reports say that Syrian warplanes are focusing on targeting Jaysh al-Islam positions and gathering points across Douma; with the attack ongoing for the last hour, it is unclear when exactly it will end.

According to sources, Jaysh al-Islam’s bombardment of civilians area of Damascus city with rockets and large mortars has seen dozens of non-combatants killed and wounded so far.

On Friday, hostilities between the Syrian military and Jaysh al-Islam militants in Douma reignited after the later abandoned an agreed-on evacuation-reconciliation deal brokered by Russia.

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