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Rabid zionist regime’s Gaza massacre toll at 30: barbaric snipers execute a journalist

7 April 2018 12:35

A Palestinian journalist from the Gaza Strip, was shot this Friday, by Israeli snipers, as he filmed a nonviolent protest along the Gaza/Israel border.

The journalist, Yasser Mortaja, was shot and transported to hospital in critical condition. The 31 year old father and journalist was declared dead hours later.

Yasser Mortaja was just one of 8 journalists, who were shot today in Gaza.

Below is video of Yasser with his child.

The amount of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces today has at this stage reached 9, meaning 30 people have been murdered by zionist snipers in one week.

Since the beginning of the ‘Great Return March’ last Friday, the Palestinian Red Crescent has released statistics, confirming that almost 1000 Palestinian have been shot by zionist forces.

Source: AMN

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