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Great Satan US Can’t US Wage War on Syria

13 April 2018 14:30

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria in 2011, the United States of America has been supporting the terrorist groups to fight the Syrian army, government and people in order to destroy the entire country and impose partition across its territories.

Syria, which functions as the center of the axis of resistance in the region, has been facing heavy international pressures to change its strategic political position in the area. After facing heavy political and diplomatic pressures, Syria had to confront a ferocious takfiri war and intermittent Israeli air raids on various targets in the country. Finally, the manager and the leader of the international wars on Syria and the whole axis of resistance, the U.S., decided to directly interfere in the ongoing battle in Syria.

Playing the same ‘chemical game’ which covered up the US war on Iraq in 2003, President Donald Trump decided on behalf of the whole world to strike Syria due to what he claimed as “chemical attacks” launched by the Syrian government troops in Eastern Gouta.

Regardless of the unfounded chemical allegations, the US administration faces a number of obstacles which block its military aspirations in Syria and the entire Middle East. First, the US military bases in the Middle East will be under direct intensive attacks from the opposing forces. Second, the allied Arab regimes would face unstable conditions in case a largescale war erupted in the region. Third, the Zionist entity would pay the heaviest price for any American adventure against Syria and the axis of resistance.

Considering the key obstacles mentioned above as well as many others, the US administration finds itself unable to deal any blow to Syria in the context of a major war as the consequences would be destructive with respect to the US strategic interests in the Middle East.

In case the United States is mulling limited air raids on certain targets in Syria, such actions have not proved to be fruitful and game changing. In April, 2017, the US warplanes struck Shoairat military airport in Homs in Syria, yet the blow failed to achieve any political or field result.

In politics, surprises are always expected; however, the available political and military conditions do not allow the United States to take any reckless measure against Syria and the whole region.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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