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Rally in Jenin over Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes

17 April 2018 10:10


Palestinian activists and civil society representatives rallied on Monday outside the family home of prisoner Ahmed al-Kumba’ to protest an Israeli demolition order.

The rally-goers condemned Israel’s demolitions of the homes of Palestinian anti-occupation activists and prisoners as a means to dampen Palestinians’ spirits.

Headmaster of the Amriya School in Jenin, Ashraf Farhat, expressed solidarity with al-Kumba’s family and with the prisoner’s father, Jamal—an instructor at the school.

Speaking on behalf of national factions, Mohamed Abu al-Heija said Israel’s policies of collective punishment will never ever dash Palestinians’ hopes for a better future and for the liberation of their land.

The Israeli occupation authorities threatened the demolition of al-Kumba’s family home on April 17 on allegations of assisting slain Ahmed Jarrar, who killed an Israeli settler in an anti-occupation attack carried out a few months ago.



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