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East Qalamoun rebels unconditionally surrender after being overwhelmed by two-day Syrian Army offensive

19 April 2018 18:22

Besieged rebel forces holding out in the eastern mountains of Syria’s Qalamoun region have unconditionally surrender to the Syrian Army amid realization of an impossible military situation.

The development comes just two days after elite Syrian Army formations launched an all-out offensive in eastern Qalamoun that blitzed militant positions throughout the region and isolated a key rebel stronghold – the town of Ar-Ruhaybah.

Namely it was the Free Syrian Army-linked group Jaysh Tahrir al-Sham which at first refused to accept government surrender terms that has since issued a formal capitulation.

Per virtually every other surrender agreement, rebels will be offered to either reconcile with the Syrian government or allow themselves to be evacuated to another militant-controlled region of Syria.

Insurgent forces in eastern Qalamoun are expected to hand over their heavy weapons (i.e. tanks and artillery) to the Syrian Army in the coming days.

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