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Mass Grave of Terrorists’ Victims Uncovered in Syria’s Douma

20 April 2018 15:33

The Syrian Army troops uncovered a mass grave in the town of Douma with over 110 bodies believed to be executed by the Jeish al-Islam terrorists, a media outlet reported on Friday.

The Arabic-language website of Sputnik quoted Director General of Syria’s Forensic Medicine Zaher Hajow as reporting that the army has uncovered a mass grave in Douma with a sum of 112 bodies.

Hajow further said that his department’s postmortem checks on the found bodies showed that the victims had been killed by gun fire approximately two weeks ago.

In a similar development on Wednesday the army discovered the mass grave of Jeish al-Islam’s victims South of al-Jala Garden in Douma, where 30 bodies had been buried.

In the meantime, the army men found a large workshop of Jeish al-Islam in Douma that was used for making mortar shells.

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