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Syrian Army foils rebel attack in north Hama, kills scores

17 May 2018 16:49

Syrian government forces thwarted a surprise assault launched by rebel fighters in north Hama countryside as  former insurgent-held pocket in north Homs and south Hama becomes entirely under government control.

Militants of the FSA-affiliated Jaysh al-Izza rebel group bombed – with artillery and rockets – Zaleen checkpoint in and attempt to storm the barrack.

However, and before the rebels’ ground invasion begins, the Syrian Armed unleashed a salvo of missiles and artillery shells against rebel positions, destroying a technical vehicle and killing all three militiamen aboard (pictures below), in addition to several others.

The attackers were then forced to retreat after sustain heavy losses.

The attack comes as rumors spread recently that the SAA’s elite Tiger Forces are heading to liberate the insurgents-controlled territories in northern Hama countryside.

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