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US-Backed SDF Terrorists Fear Armed Uprising by Civilians in Northern Syria

17 May 2018 16:34


Fierce tensions have started between the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and civilians in Eastern Deir Ezzur as armed uprisings against the SDF have spread in occupied areas in Northern Syria.

Local sources in Northern Deir Ezzur reported on Thursday that the SDF forces have detained tens of civilians in the village of Abu al-Naitel.

The development came after a number of unknown assailants attacked the SDF forces in Northern Deir Ezzur, killing and wounding a number of them.

Sources said that the US-backed forces now fear the spread of armed attacks to their positions, adding that they have declared a curfew in the region.

Tensions have heightened between the SDF and civilians after the former increased pressures and launched forced recruitment operations against civilians.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, tens of people in Western Raqqa demonstrated to show their protest against the rule of the Kurdish militias, calling for their expulsion from their region.

Tens of residents in the village of al-Jarniyeh in Western Raqqa took to the main street in the village and protested against the Kurdish militias’ forced recruitment and brutal measures.

In the meantime, a number young people were arrested by the Kurds in Hasaka city under a forced recruitment plan.

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