New Mass Grave of ISIL’s Victims Uncovered in Raqqa


Another mass grave of the victims of the ISIL terrorist group was found in the Center of Raqqa city.

The Arabic-language al-Manar news channel reported on Wednesday that the mass grave was discovered in the White Garden in Central Raqqa.

The big mass grave included a large number of civilians who have been killed by the ISIL terrorists.

The operations to evacuate 553 corpses from a mass grave in al-Rashid stadium ended recently in Central Raqqa after two months.

In a relevant development in April, the Syrian army troops uncovered a mass grave in Raqqa countryside with over 150 bodies believed to be executed by the ISIL terrorists.

The army discovered the mass grave in the town of al-Wawai in Western Raqqa.

The mass grave contained over 150 bodies of army soldiers and civilians that were executed by the ISIL when the region was under the terrorist group’s control.

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