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US-Backed SDF Infuriated by Syrian Gov’t Flags Hoisted in Raqqa

15 June 2018 7:10

 Several Syrian government flags were hoisted in Raqqa as popular uprising against the US and Washington-supported Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forces is spreading in Northern Syria.

Local sources in Raqqa city reported on Thursday that residents of the town of Mansoureh and the two villages of al-Houreh and Hanideh in Western Raqqa have hoisted the Syrian government flags.

They added that the SDF has put its forces on alert and pulled down all the flags.

The Kurdish forces have also detained a number of civilians on charges of collaboration in hoisting the Syrian government flags.

A similar move was made in neaby cities and neighborhoods on Wednesday. Sources said that people in al-Mashlab and al-Romeileh neighborhoods in Northern and Northeastern Raqqa poured into the streets and protested against the SDF, calling for expulsion of the Kurdish militias from the region.

The sources pointed to the people’s growing rage against the SDF’s measures, including forced recruiting of young men in the region, adding that a number of civilians in al-Mashlab have hoisted Syrian government flags over the buildings.

The sources further said that the SDF opened fire to disperse protesters and embarked on arresting civilians.

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