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Inhuman zionist Saudi Coalition relentlessly bombs Hodeideh Airport as Yemen Hezbollah refuses to surrender

19 June 2018 19:39


The Saudi-led Coalition has been hammering the Hodeideh Airport this afternoon, causing explosion-after-explosion along the western and northern parts of this installation.

According to Yemen’s Masirah TV, the Saudi-led Coalition has already launched over 40 airstrikes on the Hodeideh Airport this afternoon.

However, this relentless bombing campaign has yet to force the Houthi troops to withdraw from this installation, despite the immense damage to the Hodeideh Airport.

The UAE-backed Southern Resistance Army and Yemeni Republican Guard are currently attempting to crack the Houthi lines at the southern part of the Hodeideh Airport, but so far have been unsuccessful.

Despite their shortcomings at the Hodeideh Airport, the Yemeni Republican Guard was able to score a big advance elsewhere in the Hodeideh Governorate.

According to the Yemeni Republican Guard, their troops seized the Kilo 16 Junction earlier today after fierce battle with the Houthi forces.

The Yemeni Republican Guard troops are now working to take full control of the Kilo 16 area in order to better position themselves inside the Hodeideh Governorate.

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