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Yemeni Army Dismisses Saudi “Illusions” of Victory in Hudaydah

19 June 2018 15:15


Yemeni Army Spokesman Sharaf Luqman rejected the Saudi-led coalition’s claims of victories in Yemen’s Western coasts, describing them as illusions.

“The Yemeni army and Ansarullah deployed in Yemen’s western coasts, first could prevent the militias’ infiltration and then surrounded them,” Luqman said in an interview with the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news channel on Monday.

He added that the Saudi-led coalition has merely advanced in non-residential areas on the Western coasts of Yemen, adding that al-Hudayah port is safe and there are no clashes in the city.

“The media affiliated to the Saudi-led coalition permanently speak of illusionary victories of militias in Western Yemen and the coalition commanders lie about their advances in al-Hudaydah,” Luqman said.

He also said that Yemen cannot trust the UN plans to settle the crisis in the country, adding that the bodies which are after a solution should be impartial.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia’s attempts to capture al-Hudaydah airport failed as Ansarullah forces have dug ditched at the entrance of the city to prevent their advance.

The Arabic-language al-Masireh news website reported on Monday that on the fifth day of the Saudi and UAE operations to capture of al-Hudaydah, Ansarullah forces could block the roads used by the aggressors to send aid to their comrades.

The Saudi and UAE mercenaries have failed win control of al-Hudaydah airport despite receiving the Saudi air support.

Local sources in Hudaydah said that Ansarullah has closed all roads leading to the Southern direction of the airport and dug a number of ditches to prevent invaders’ advance.

The Saudi-led forces have started the Hudaydah operation since Wednesday, while the UN has warned the attack could cause up to 250,000 deaths.

Prior to the start of the coalition’s siege, the UN stressed that an assault on the densely populated port city may cost up to 250,000 civilian lives, warning that the operation could leave millions of Yemenis without the “food and basic supplies needed to prevent famine and a recurrence of a cholera epidemic”.

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