PHOTOS: Syrian Army liberates several areas from ISIS in southeast Syria

The Syrian Army (SAA) continued their large-scale advance against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) in the eastern countryside of the Al-Sweida Governorate this morning.

The Syrian Army and their allies began the day by pushing south of the recently liberated Khirbat Al-Ambashi area to the large hilltops used by the Islamic State to carry out attacks.

According to a military source in Al-Sweida, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies were able to overrun the Islamic State’s positions at these two hilltops, forcing the remaining terrorists to withdraw further south.

The military source added that the hilltops that were liberated by the Syrian Arab Army and their allies, today, were identified as Tall Al-Khayl and Tal Daires.

Since liberating these hilltops, the Syrian Arab Army has been working on clearing the remaining valleys and canyons controlled by the Islamic State near the Khirbat Al-Ambashi area.

Below are a number of photos captured by Hezbollah’s official media wing of the Syrian Army’s advance on Wednesday:

Source: AMN
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