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S. Arabia’s Footprints Found in ISIL Equipment in Syria’s Badiyeh

21 June 2018 22:47

The Syrian army discovered a large number of weapons, medicine and foodstuff originated from Saudi Arabia during mop-up operations in formerly ISIL-held regions in Eastern Badiyeh of Syria.

Field sources reported that the Syrian army’s engineering units have found a large number of weapons, including hundreds of guns, machine guns, RPG and mortars, as well as a large amount of ammunition, landmines and bombs during purging operations in regions liberated from the ISIL in Eastern Badiyeh of Syria.

They also said that the army units have found a large amount of Saudi foodstuff and medicine left by the ISIL.

In a relevant development earlier this month, the Syrian army troops continued mop-up operation in the recently-liberated Yalda, Bebeila and Beit Sahm regions in Southern Damascus, discovering an explosive workshop and Saudi chemical materials.

The army men continued cleansing operation in Yalda, Bebeila and Beit Sahm and found a workshop in terrorists’ former positions used for making explosive and poisonous materials.

A large volume of powerful explosives made by a Saudi company was found in the workshop, according to the army officers.

In the meantime, a-kilometer-long network of tunnels was discovered by the army in the region that was used by the terrorists to transfer arms and ammunition to different battlefields.

Also, a large number of landmines, bombs and chemical masks were found in the farms near Yalda, Bebeila and Beit Sahm.

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