Syrian Army Further Advances in Dara’a

The Syrian army regained control of several important regions in Northern Dara’a during military operations against the terrorists.

The army units continued clashes with the militants North of the town of Kafr Shams in Northern Dara’a on Saturday, winning back control of the two strategic hills of Antasar and Tal al-Alaqiyeh.

They also could capture al-Tafs dam in the Eastern parts of Jalin housing complexes by advancing in Northwestern Dara’a.

Meantime, the Syrian army troops gained back control of the two villages of Nahaj and Kharbat Qais West of the town of al-Mozayrab in Northwestern Dara’a.

The engineering units of the Syrian army immediately started cleansing operations in the newly-liberated areas.

The Syrian rmy managed to impose control over most parts of Dara’a province on Friday.

The Syrian army forces entered Dara’a city for the first time after 7 years on Thursday, imposing control over three regions after peace agreements with the terrorist groups in Northern Dara’a, field sources said.

The Syrian army entered the town of al-Mozayrab in Northwestern Dara’a on Thursday after reaching an agreement with the terrorist groups, regaining control of the town.

Meantime, the Syrian army units won back control of the towns of Ankhal and Kafr Shams in Northern Dara’a.

Also, field sources reported that the army forces have for the first time entered Dara’a city which has been under the occupation of terrorists since 2011, and hoisted the Syrian government flag over the city’s municipality.

They added that the army is expected to win control over the entire city in coming days.

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