Islamic Invitation Turkey
        13 December 2018 - Thursday - 5 Rabi al-Thani 1440 | 13/12/2018 (33) 12/12/2018 (38) 11/12/2018 (41) 10/12/2018 (35) 09/12/2018 (42) Total: 145,669 content        Facebook Twitter Youtube

EYE CATCHING PHOTOS: Some inevitable questions arouses in mind of a sensible Muslim about American (fake) Islam!

Who is the most hostile or the most friendly one towards Syria?
Who destroyed the Land of the Syria?
Who is against to and enemy of Turkish PEOPLE?
Who did the World massacre?
Who did use chemical weapons in Yemen?
Who do strixe for Promised Land?

Then how could a so-called Muslim leader shake hands of the most brutal Muslim killers?

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