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Iran waiting for Leader order to block Strait of Hormuz: Comdr.

31 July 2018 13:26

Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, underlining that the Strait of Hormuz is a part of Iran’s security and national interests, said “US will not play a role in the decision over the Strait of Hormuz; Iran’s move is only dependent on the order of Leader of Islamic Revolution.”

Speaking on Tuesday, at a press conference on International Army Games 2018, hosted by Iran in ‘Deep Diving’ section in Noshahr, Mazandaran province, Khanzadi said “blocking Strait of Hormuz requires some principles and preliminaries; efficiency of any strait is due to its openness and if closed, the strait will be worthless.”

Iran’s Navy will continue preserving security and controlling ‘innocent passage’ in the Strait, he added.

Certainly, cruel sanctions against Iran will affect the function of the Strait of Hormuz, which in turn will impose consequences on many other countries; “the outcome of a decision will not affect only one country but also the whole world,” he underlined.

Khanzadi stressed that “keeping the strategic Strait of Hormuz open depends on preserving interests of Iran, and the international community must remain committed to its obligations towards the Islamic Republic.”

“US will not play a role in our decision over the Strait of Hormuz; Iran’s move is only dependent on the order of Leader of Islamic Revolution,” he emphasized.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to the International Army Games 2018, saying “this year, for the first time, the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran hosts ‘Deep Diving’ competitions in Noshahr, from August 1 to 11, in which teams from Russia, Syria, South Africa, Venezuela, India, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the Islamic Republic of Iran compete for 12 days.

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