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‘If the Idlib agreement is not implemented, we have other options’ says Syrian FM

15 October 2018 16:40

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem told reporters on Monday that his government has other options if the Idlib agreement is not put in place.

“If the Idlib agreement is not implemented, we will have other options to use,” Muallem said.

“We are consulting with our allies on the situation in Idlib. The Syrian Arab Army is at the front-lines and is ready.”

Muallem’s comments come just hours after the jihadist rebels failed to leave the designated buffer zone in the Idlib Governorate and its surroundings.

The Syrian Foreign Minister then discussed his meeting with his Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim Al-Ja’afari in Damascus this morning.

According to Muallem, Syria and Iraq are working to reopen the Albukamal crossing in order to promote trade and commerce between the two historical countries.

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