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No sleep for terrorists in northern Hama as Syrian Army expands assault

16 November 2018 8:18


Terrorists in northern Hama are likely getting little sleep after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) expanded their assault to several areas around this volatile front this evening.

According to a military report in northern Hama, the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th and 11th divisions pounded the trenches of Jaysh Al-‘Izza, scoring a number of direct hits with their artillery shells and surface-to-surface missiles.

The report claimed that the Syrian Arab Army specifically targeted the terrorist defenses in the towns of Al-Lataminah, Al-Zakat, Tal Sakhar, and Ma’rkabah.

No further details were released regarding the Syrian Army’s attack on northern Hama tonight.

This latest attack by the Syrian Arab Army comes just hours after they heavily targeted Jaysh Al-‘Izza’s trenches at Al-Lataminah.

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