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ISIL Withdraws from More Positions in Sweida Desert under Syrian Army Attacks

17 November 2018 18:04

The Syrian Army units continued storming ISIL’s strongholds in the Eastern desert of Sweida on Saturday, capturing more vital points in Toloul al-Safa rugged terrain.

The army forces, backed up by the artillery and missile units, engaged in heavy fighting with ISIL in several flanks in the Eastern desert of Sweida and managed to advance 2 km against the terrorists Northeast of Toloul al-Safa.

In the meantime, other units of the army drove ISIL out of several key positions in Qabr Sheikh Hossein region, West of Toloul al-Safa.

Also, the army men exchanged heavy fire with the ISIL and managed to seize military control over Tal al-Marati region in the Eastern desert of Sweida.

An army officer said more than a dozen terrorists were killed and dozens more wounded and their positions and military hardware were damaged in the army operation.

Earlier today, the army forces engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL in several flanks in the Eastern desert of Sweida and captured more areas in Toloul al-Safa.

In the meantime, the army’s artillery and missile units pounded the movements and positions of the ISIL in Toloul al-Safa, killing almost 20 terrorists and wounding several more.

Field sources, meantime, reported that that army has tightened noose on the ISIL after their recent advances South of Toloul al-Safa rugged terrain.

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