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Sheikh Sabri calls Palestinians for marking Prophet Muhammad’s birth at Aqsa Mosque

18 November 2018 11:11


Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, head of the Higher Islamic Commission in Occupied Jerusalem, has urged the Palestinian citizens to intensify their presence in the Aqsa Mosque next Tuesday to mark the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad.

In press remarks on Saturday, Sheikh Sabri stressed the importance of taking advantage of such occasion to stay inside the Mosque, performing prayers, listening to sermons and lectures, and participating in different religious gatherings held to commemorate the Prophet’s birth.

He pointed out that Prophet Muhammad had been exposed during recent years to defamation and insults by anti-Islam elements and parties under the pretext of freedom of expression and opinion, which raised the ire of the Muslim nation.

The Sheikh appealed to the Arab and Muslim nations to strengthen their positions and close ranks to protect the Aqsa Mosque, the religious sites, and mortmain properties in Jerusalem against the dangers threatening them.

He also called for necessarily confronting international campaigns targeting Islam and working on spreading its values and teachings, which are based on justice, dignity, tolerance and respect for other religions.


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