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‘Big mission’ : Three destroyers to join Iran Navy

26 November 2018 10:14

Iran’s Navy commander says the force is to join three destroyers to its northern and southern armadas in a matter of four months.

Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi named the vessels as Sahand, Damavand, and Dena, saying they would be joining the Navy’s fleets in the same order, IRNA reported on Sunday.

The commander said the first and third vessels would be joining the fleet deployed to the country’s southern waters, while the second one is earmarked for the Northern Fleet.

‘Big mission’

Sahand, which can carry anti-mine helicopters, would join the Southern Fleet this week on the occasion of the Navy Day.

“Today, Sahand has been nominated for a big mission,” he added without elaborating.

Damavand , he added, is to hit the water following an overhaul necessitated by an accident last year. The revamped destroyer now enjoys improved propulsion, stability, and maneuvering capability.

Dena was to enter service last and was currently being armed and equipped, Khanzadi said.

‘Enemy in for surprise’

Repeating remarks he had made on Wednesday concerning a new submarine class slated for entering service next week, Khanzadi said, “Fateh Sumbarine, given the advanced and indigenous technologies incorporated in it, is going to surprise enemies upon inauguration.”

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