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Yemeni Hezbollah, Houthi forces, repels big Saudi Coalition assault on southern Hodeidah

3 December 2018 9:13













The Saudi Coalition and their allies launched a big assault on the southern axis of Hodeidah, Sunday, in a bid to crack the Houthi defenses at the provincial capital.

Led by the Saudi-backed terrorists and UAE-backed Southern Resistance Army attack targeted the Yemeni Hezbollah Houthi forces in the Jah Al-Aalaa region that is located in southern Hodeidah.

According to the official media wing of the Houthi forces, their fighters managed to repel the terrorists that were seeking to fracture their lines in southern Hodeidah.

The Houthi forces said that they inflicted heavy casualties within the ranks of the terrorists, while also adding that they destroyed a number of armored and technical vehicles belonging to them.

In response to the failed offensive, the Saudi Coalition began heavily bombing the Hodeidah Governrate last night, hitting a number of sites around the provincial capital.


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