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“Major enemies of Islam within Muslim community”, Sunni cleric

5 January 2019 14:36


Mamusta Molla Qader Qaderi, prayer leader of the Sunni community in Paveh city, Kurdistan Province, in his Friday sermon warned of enemies living within Muslim society stressing the role of governments, outside players, media, religious figures, war, division, poverty and unemployment in spread of corruption, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Iranian Sunni scholar expressed regret over disintegration of Muslim community in different ideological groups and said,” Leaders in every group and organization praise their achievements and exclude the rest as imperfect or unacceptable.”

He alluded to Qur’an anecdotes on previous nations excommunicating and clashing with each other and noted,” Previous people rejected each other in debates but present Muslims have gone beyond words and kill each other with real bullets”.

Mamusta Qaderi warned of Takfiri movements and said,” Enemies of Islam are in fact living within Muslim excommunicating and killing each other based on inaccurate interpretations of Qur’an.”

Iranian Sunni scholar also touched upon US breach of the nuclear deal with Iran and slammed the sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic as issues brought to Iran in 2018.

He said,” We believe Jesus Christ (PBUH) is away from any oppression or treachery but slam those who bully others under the name of a Christianity and the new Christian name will not be promising for them.”

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