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US-Backed Terrorist SDF Commander Killed in Eastern Deir Ezzur as Tensions Heighten

A senior commander of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) was killed in Deir Ezzur by unknown assailants, sources said, adding that infightings have also increased among the Kurdish fighters in Hasaka province.

Field sources in Eastern Syria reported on Thursday that a bomb was detonated on the way of an SDF vehicle in the village of al-Tawamiyeh near the town of al-Basireh in Eastern Deir Ezzur, killing a senior commander of Deir Ezzur military council namely Abu Ishaq al-Ahwaz.

They also said that infightings between the Kurdish and Arab forces under the command of the SDF have increased in Deir Ezzur.

Other local sources in Hasaka also reported that the Assayesh Kurdish security forces in the town of al-Shadadi in Southern Hasaka have engaged in heavy internal clashes, adding that at least 10 of them were killed and wounded.

According to the sources, the clashes erupted after a member of Assayesh security forces was killed in Tal al-Shadadi region.

Similar reports from the region said on Wednesday that differences had intensified between the militant groups backed by the US and civilians in Eastern Syria as massive military operations by Turkish Army are imminent.

The Syrian media activists reported that the SDF have arrested a large number of people in areas under their control in Hasaka, Raqqa and Deir Ezzur provinces with the aim of forced recruiting of conscripts.

The activists said the SDF move has angered the local population, intensifying unrests in the region. “In one of such cases, civilians torched an SDF military base in the town of al-Qahtanieh in Northeastern Hasaka,” they said.

Meantime, battlefield sources said a fresh Turkish military convoy comprising weapons and military hardware has been dispatched to Kilis region behind Turkey’s borders with Syria.

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