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Zahhar: Captive Israeli soldiers will not be released for free

27 January 2019 19:07


If the terms set by the Palestinian resistance are not met by the Israeli occupation, soldiers captured by Hamas will never regain their freedom, Political bureau member of Hamas, Mahmoud al-Zahhar, said.

Speaking with PIC, Zahhar said Israel has not met the conditions set forth by Hamas and the Qassam Brigades regarding the release of soldiers held captive by the Palestinian resistance.

He said their release will only see the day if Palestinians formerly released in al-Wafa al-Ahrar prisoner swap deal and arrested later by the Israeli occupation forces regain their freedom.

Zahhar denounced the mounting pressure and crackdowns perpetrated by the Israeli occupation authorities against Palestinian detainees.

“A new prisoner swap deal will not see the day before Israel releases ex-prisoners, starts serious negotiations in this regard, and meets Palestinians’ demands,” he confirmed.

Zahhar also said the prisoners’ cause has been present at all platforms nationwide and oversees and that the Palestinian resistance will not have a moment’s rest before all detainees are released from Israeli jails.

Commenting on Hamas’ international ties, Zahhar said visits by senior Hamas leaders have been taking place at a regular pace to boost support for the Palestinian cause, pointing out that the invitation extended by the Russian Republic to the group comes within the framework of bilateral political relations.

Regarding the Qatari grant, the Hamas leader said the movement has refused to receive the recent batch of Qatari funds which was about to be dispatched to the besieged Gaza Strip after it had been blocked by Israel.

Hamas turned down the cash batch, saying it will not yield in to Israeli blackmailing and to Netanyahu’s attempts to use humanitarian causes to whitewash his ill-famed repute.

Zahhar said the grant money will be allocated for humanitarian projects and would be used to help poor families, to develop infrastructure, and to support poorly-equipped hospitals.

As for the tough blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip, Zahhar said Israel in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority (PA), chaired by Mahmoud Abbas, have tightened the noose around Gaza’s necks and continue to reach out to international parties to further toughen the “criminal siege”.

The Hamas leader vowed that the Palestinians will stand on guard to all agendas weaved against their land and people, saying the Palestinian resistance will leave no stone unturned until the Israeli occupation is ousted from every single inch of occupied Palestine.


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