Syria slams Macron and France’s ‘dark history of colonialism’


The Syrian Foreign Ministry slammed French President Emmanuel Macron in a new statement that was released by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on Monday.

According to the statement, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that Macron’s recent statements on Syria show that he has refused to abandon his failed policies.

Furthermore, the Syrian Foreign Ministry criticized France’s history, calling it a “dark legacy of colonialism and enslaving people.”

“Those who provided all sorts of support to terrorist groups, and whose foreign minister described al-Nusra terrorists as rebels, and worked to undermine political initiatives to resolve the crisis in Syria lack the minimum of credibility, because they talk about a political process with colonialist Western criteria that contradict the Syrians’ interests and aspirations,” the Foreign Ministry source told SANA.

The Foreign  Ministry went on to affirm that Syria is not the least bit interested in having relations with a state that contributed to the terrorists they fought.

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