Corbyn will meet with May to ask her to remove no deal threat: Source

British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will tell Prime Minister Theresa May a so-called “no deal Brexit” must be taken off the table and she should pursue his party’s “alternative plan” to leave the European Union, a source said on Wednesday.

After parliament voted for a renegotiation of one of the key aspects of May’s Brexit deal and rejected the idea of leaving without an agreement on Tuesday, Corbyn said he would meet the prime minister to hold talks on how to move forward.

PressTV-MPs vote for Brexit amendment on replacing backstop

MPs vote for Brexit amendment on replacing backstop

British lawmakers have voted on seven amendments to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal with the European Union.

Brexit minister Stephen Barclay said the two would meet later on Wednesday.

At the meeting, a Labour source said: “Jeremy will insist that the will of parliament is respected and that no deal is now off the table.”

The source said Corbyn would also press Labour’s Brexit plan, which envisages a customs union, a strong single market relationship and a guarantee on workers’ rights, consumer standards and environmental protections.

“That now must be the focus for negotiations,” the source said.

(Source: Reuters)

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