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Hassan Nasrallah

17 February 2015 11:33

ISIL against Islam and Christianity Nasrallah condemned execution of Egyptian Coptic Christians by ISIL Takfiris Libya, noting, “We extend our condolences to the Egyptian people and the Coptic Church, this crime has affected both Islam and Christianity.” The ISIL Takfiri terrorists released a five-minute video on Sunday showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians kidnapped in Libya. The video showed the...

17 February 2015 10:09

The head of Hezbollah says the Lebanese resistance movement has been fighting the ISIL Takfiri group in Iraq. “We may not have spoken about Iraq before, but we have a limited presence because of the sensitive phase that Iraq is going through,” Nasrallah said on Monday in a speech delivered in commemoration of Hezbollah’s martyrs, Sheikh Ragheb Harb, Sayyed Abbas al-Mousawi...

16 February 2015 11:56

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, is scheduled to deliver a speech on the occasion of Martyred Leaders Day later on Monday. During his speech, Nasrallah is expected to highlight a host of regional developments, including fighting terrorism in the Middle East, countering Israeli aggression and developments in Syria.

15 February 2015 12:25

Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah urged the resistance crowds to refrain from shooting in the air during his speech which is planned on Monday during the commemoration of the Martyred Leaders Day. In a statement released by Hezbollah Media Relations on Sunday, the resistance leader stressed that shooting in the air “harms the people as well as the occasion.” Hezbollah...

8 February 2015 16:16

Nasrallah the Lion of Middle East, Hezbollah the honour of all Muslims and oppressed People HEZBOLLAH The only army who defeated Israel in this world! The LION of Middle East! The honour of all Muslims! We know the front of those who are uneasy of Hezbollah. There were many people who took or were forced to take the name of Hezbollah proudly until the war on...

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