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Hizbullah Hakverdi

30 May 2016 19:38

The Islamic Unity is the most important issue which concerns all Muslims in accordance with their degrees and social positions. Because The Islamic Unity is not a political issue only. This Unity starts from the bonds and solidarity between two Muslims due to their brotherhood-in-faith and reaches to the cooperation and mutual assistance among all Muslims throughout the entire Islamic...

15 May 2016 21:51

WAHDAT AND UNITY IN ISLAM By Prominent Sunni Cleric Ustad Hizbullah HAKVERDI (Hilmi KOCAASLAN) Noble Islam is definitely a religion of ‘TAWHEED’.  It represents a ‘CERTAIN BELIEF’, certain ‘SUBMISSION’, and ‘SERVITUDE’ to Allah SWT. ‘TAWHEED’ requires ‘UNIQUE AUTHORITY/ DOMINATION’ of Allah SWT, thereby necessitating the ‘UNITY OF RELIGIOUS FAITH’, ‘UNITY OF MIND- OPINION- THOUGHT, and ‘UNITY OF CULTURE’, ‘UNITY OF HEARTS- SOULS’,...

14 May 2016 23:20

With the conquest of Kaba, the heart of the world and all creatures, the whole world will be conquered. With the conquest of Masjeed Al-Aqsa and Quds all emotions of people will be at service of Islamic Revlution (of Iran), thus all people of the world will live elatedly, happily with a unique tranquility under the divine shadow of Islam....

3 January 2016 22:25

  BISMIHI TEALA Inna Lillah wa Inna Ilayhi Raciun Occupying the whole world starting with the Islamic Nation, Western Imperialism shed the blood of the poor and the oppressed people, plundered their properties, lands and left them to death. They founded a structure on a powerful base on the blood of the oppressed nations along the world and sustained their imperialist nature till these days by...

18 October 2015 21:42

Contrary to the known disaster and tragedy aspects, there is an aspect, a front of Karbala and Ashura in the context of blessing, felicity, victory, which is actually more effectual than the known painful identity and result. This aspect of Karbala and Ashura has been understood better and clearly for the last centuries, especially nowadays.

11 July 2015 0:13

"Islamic Republic of Iran has put Masjeed Al-Aqsa, Quds and Palestine on the world agenda and made all faithful hearts happy. Thus, Islamic Republic of Iran has given the real importance of Quds to itself in terms of Islamic and Quranic meaning. Zionism and Imperialism are blocked, destroyed, and burnt by the Divine Duty of Islamic Republic of Iran." Prominent...

6 June 2015 22:03

“The long-awaited Hazrat Mahdi will enlighten the Islamic Ummah and helpless oppressed people with the divine, prophetic (Nabawi) light (nour) once again and will perform the rules of Qur’an and sharia of Mohammad (pbuh) worthily to its essence. Thus, the long-awaited Mahdi will attain the divine exellence by taking, getting the humanity to the right path successfully.”

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