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Hizbullah Hakverdi

1 April 2018 17:21 Enemies of Islam and humanity accept Iran as the main threat because Iran is the most serious obstacle for them in front of their dirty plans upon humanity. Islamic Republic of Iran is a threat because Iran cut the hands of enemies of Islam.

24 February 2018 23:00

Sayyed Aref Hussain Hussaini whom was honoured of compliment and affection by Imam Khomeini (r.a) mentioned “Imam!. Imam!.” İn all his speeches, writings, movements, and he put emphasize on the point that by the guidance of Imam, it can be reached to Allah. However, those who fail to understand the importance of guidance of Imam would dance at the line...

24 February 2018 21:56

Late Sayyed Aref Hussain Hussaini was of opinion that all Muslims can learn Islam through the way of their own mazhabs (sects). Thus, he had the belief that the sects of Muslims do not cause division instead they can establish Wahdat, and he perfectly represented that opinion. Davet Magazine V: 7-8 Page: 73 by Prominent Sunni Scholar Ustad Hizbullah Hakverdi (Hilmi...

11 February 2018 3:00

WAL’ FAJR; BY THE DAWN!; BY THE ISLAMIC REVOLUTION (OF IRAN) SUN THAT HAS LIGHTENED OUR AGE… “The Rise of Islamic Revolution (of Iran) onto us” from the pen of prominent Sunni Cleric Hezbollah HAKVERDI (Hilmi KOCAASLAN) This article is the first part that was published in DAVET magazine in April, 1990. In the name of Allah, the Compassionate the Merciful. 1)By the dawn...

11 February 2018 2:44

“Islamic Revolution is luminious reflection, divine rearing up and revival of Hussaini, Zainabi Message and School.” Prominent Sunni Scholar Hizbullah HAKVERDI (Hilmi KOCAASLAN)   “Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah…” (You do these as a requirement of your faith in Allah) (Aal-e –Imran: 110) WHILE CELEBRATING THE ESTABLISHMENT ANNIVERSARY OF...

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