Islamic Invitation Turkey
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Hussein Fadlallah

23 October 2016 23:16

"Going through the classical books to dig out Sunni issues that condemn the Shiites, or Shiite issues that condemn the Sunnis is one of the biggest slips, for the mistakes included in these books ought not to be turned into a sword that hangs over the heads of the coming generations, or an obstacle that impedes Islamic unity. Moreover, whoever...

17 February 2015 17:28

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah called on Monday for those who urge Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria to join the party in its fight against Takfiri terrorists in Syria, Iraq and everywhere as the terrorists set Mecca and Medina their main target. Sayyed Nasrallah“I call for those who are urging us to withdraw from Syria to join us in our...

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