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Hussein Fadlallah

25 July 2014 21:19

Hezbollah secretary general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says current days mark the most dangerous and sensitive stage Palestinians have ever experienced since the occupation of their country by the Israeli regime. Speaking on the occasion of the International Quds day in a southern suburb of Lebanese capital Beirut, Nasrallah condemned recent Israeli offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip while hailing Palestinians for...

8 July 2013 21:27

Lebanese capital of Beirut hosts conference on “Pioneer of Unity and Dialogue” concurrent with the third death anniversary of oneof the most prominent Lebanese cleric, Allameh Seyyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA). Renowned figures from different Islamic denominations and Christianity as well as political and security authorities convened in Beirut to mark the efforts and high thoughts...

25 November 2012 14:14

There are several questions related to Karbala or the movement of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.), as well as other questions concerning the method adopted by the "weepers" and the "bereaved" for studying Ashura tragedy, which was far from the scientific methodology in reading history, mainly when it comes to the contradicting historic texts and traditions that some might take a...

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