Islamic Invitation Turkey
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Islamic Invitation Exclusive

11 December 2016 18:28 THE FORMER HEAD OF ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE SHIN BET REVEALS SECRET SATANIC PLAN BEING STAGED THESE DAYS: LET SUNNI COALITION(TURKEY-SAUDI ARABIA..) FIGHT IRAN TO PROTECT ISRAEL AGAINST PALESTINE! Amy Ayalon: We have to create a kind of reality. Realistic reality. We are living in Middle East. Then let’s go back. If you are asking me. What is the reality? What should be...

29 September 2016 9:22

World media never published the most important part of the ONE MINUTE THEATRE! Here you can watch THE UNTOLD of that well played THEATRE.

25 September 2016 14:26 These are the Muslim (?) ones fighting against Kuffar (?) Assad. These Muslims are askind help from inhuman, zionist, slaughterer israel who is eternal enemy of Islam. Assad has never let Israeli embassy in Syrian land that is why he was declared as a bad guy by zionists.

23 May 2016 18:30

What is PKK and who is PKK? Does PKK actually represent Kurdish People? Who established PKK? For what PKK was established? Here the answers as follow:     1-  According to the confession above both Turkish and Kurdish people are betrayed under PKK card. Kurdish people and Turkish soldiers who are already the sons of this land have been killed under this PKK...

30 April 2016 12:18

  The Syrian government army is capable of defeating terrorism shortly as soon as the porous Northern border with Turkey is sealed, Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad said. Haddad estimated that over 50,000 fighters from 80 countries are currently fighting on the side of extremists in Syria, backed by global and regional powers. He specified that the Persian Gulf states finance the militants who undergo military training...

15 February 2016 9:37

Exclusive- Erdogan stated that they had been informed about the attack on Yemen beforehand. Erdogan, "Turkey has a mission in Middle East. What is that (mission)? We are the one of the co-chair of Greater Middle East and North Africa Initiative. And we are fulfilling our mission." RTE March 04, 2006 The Brutalities and crimes committed by Zionist Saudi...

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