Islamic Invitation Turkey
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17 November 2018 10:48

  Chief of Islamic Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, Yehia Sinwar, conveyed on Friday a message from Mohamed Deif, commander of the Hamas armed wing al-Qassam Brigades. Deif asked me to send his regards to the people of east Khan Younis, in reference to the area that witnessed the Israeli ground operation last Sunday during which seven members of al-Qassam Brigades...

16 November 2018 9:47

There are Hezbullah trembling the blasphemy- by Islamic Invitation Turkey media with the subtitles of English, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, Kurdish, Zazaki, and Azeri is on air. You can download HQ from the following links. With English Subtitles With Persian Subtitles With Arabic Subtitles With Urdu Subtitles With Kurdish Subtitles With Zazaki Subtitles With Turkish Subtitles

13 November 2018 16:23   The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement has released a video of a guided-missile strike it has carried out against a bus carrying Israeli forces in retaliation for the regime’s earlier incursion into the Gaza Strip. The footage released on Tuesday shows the vehicle being hit by the missile and erupting into flames as it is moving in the city of Jabalia, north...

12 November 2018 22:53

  Palestinian Resistance Factions Joint Operation Room Monday stressed, in a statement, that the Zionist enemy is completely responsible for the martyrdom of seven Palestinian citizens, adding that he resistance is able to retaliate and deter the enemy. The statement added that the resistance would keep vigil to confront any Israeli aggression on and defend the Palestinian land and people. Elite Israeli occupation...

14 October 2018 23:37

Footage taken in one of Gaziantep mosques reveals the heartbreaking condition of  brave Muslim youth in Turkey. Lots of young people some whom are fainted or in coma due to the drugs they have taken are helplessly lying on the ground. The man says even one of  them can hit another strong man with a single fist but they are...

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