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Chavez: US waging terror campaign

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez accuses the United States of leading a ‘terror campaign’ by implicating Caracas and the National Guard in drug trafficking. “The Yankees are accusing us and the Venezuelan National Guard. They are waging a terror campaign claiming that the National Guard is supporting illegal drug trade and criminal gangs…,” DPA quoted Chavez as saying on Tuesday. “I…

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Ecuador to nationalize radio, TV stations

The Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa seeks to take control of the country’s radio and television stations in a bid to stave off ‘irregularities.’ The South American president publicized his decision on Monday due to the ‘corruption and mediocrity’ of ‘many’ Ecuadorian news outlets. However, the leftwing president has not indicated the nature of the ‘irregularities’ within Ecuador’s broadcasting community. Correa’s…

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Bolivia’s Morales gives houses to newlyweds

Bolivian President Evo Morales says that his government will give a house to each newly married couple in his country. “To every couple who marries, the state has to give them a house. That will be our program and the government is obliged to meet this demand,” Morales told La Razon newspaper on Sunday. At a public event in the…

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Correa accuses Colombia of smearing Ecuador

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa has again accused Colombia’s intelligence service of trying to undermine his government by linking him to FARC rebels. Correa made the remarks in response to allegations mounted against him by Colombia that the communist guerrilla group had contributed funds to his 2006 presidential campaign. “The Colombian intelligence services are very good. They know that President Correa…

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Raul Castro: Cuba alive after Fidel’s death

Cuban President Raul Castro says that his country’s communist political system would not collapse even after the death of former leader Fidel Castro. Talking about his brother, Fidel Castro, Raul scoffed at those who think Cuba’s political system will crumble after “the death of Fidel and all of us.” “If that’s how they think, they are doomed to failure,” Castro…

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Micheletti slams US, Zelaya return

The Honduran political standoff intensifies as interim leader Roberto Micheletti insists that there would be no return to power of the ousted President Manuel Zelaya. The Organization of American States (OAS) meanwhile was set to hold two meetings on the Honduran crisis in Washington on Friday. Zelaya, who was elected as a moderate conservative and took a sharp turn to…

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Israel pulls anti-Semitism card on Venezuela

Tel Aviv has accused the administration Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of cooperating with Israel’s enemies and supporting anti-Semitism. On the last leg of his South American tour, hawkish Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman expressed concern about the collaboration between Chavez and what he called “radical branches of Islam”. The remark follows Israel’s claim that Venezuela hosts cells of Lebanese resistance movement…

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Venezuela says Colombia jeopardizes regional peace

Venezuela blasts neighboring Colombia over what it terms as Bogota’s negligence to maintain peace in the Latin American region. Caracas “voices its indignation at the irresponsibility with which the Colombian government has reduced to null efforts undertaken to build a mutually beneficial relationship between our people, and clearly endangers peace and stability in the region,” the Foreign Affairs Ministry said…

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Costa Rica urges more sanctions on Honduras‎

Costa Rican leader, Oscar Arias, who acts as an intermediary in Honduras peace talks, has called for more sanctions against the Honduran coup regime. Political turmoil shows little signs of abatement as leaders in the Hispanic nations across Central America act in unison in urging tougher sanctions against the military-backed coup government in Honduras. In his Wednesday speech on the…

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Honduran political crisis deepens

Diplomatic efforts to solve the month-long political crisis in Honduras have been intensified after the US revoked the visas of four of the country’s interim officials. The crisis overshadowed a one-day summit of most of the Central American leaders plus leaders of Mexico and Colombia in Costa Rica, as the Honduran Congress prepared a response to a peace plan proposed…

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