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"Hisbollah Warum ‘kämpft’ in Syrien" ile Etiketlenen Konular

11 July 2013 15:38 Facebook couldn't bear this Shocking (1min.)video about EGYPT and deleted it. Here! Those who misuse all reputations of Ottoman to the service of zionism for the sake of BOP(God promised the Land) and here! what they have in their minds.

19 May 2013 0:56 Israeli Channel 10 has discussed how certain Israelis are gathering money to support the Syrian "opposition" aiming at toppling the current secular government headed by Bashar al-Assad to replace it with a Wahhabi extremist government. An Israeli businessman, Moti Kahana, is reported to have been making rounds in several places such as the US, Israel, and inside Syria in order to...

3 April 2013 21:40

One of the headquarters of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command is located in a basement in central Damascus. Palestinians living in Syria take part in a protest at al-Yarmouk Camp near Damascus. All secrecy measures are there: one cannot drive through the area; hidden guerillas everywhere, and several dozen CCTV cameras. This is the Palestinian group...

26 March 2013 9:56

So- called Friends of Syria say nothing for Myanmar Plight. Zionist Puppet Myanmar government says death toll from recent attacks targeting Rohingya Muslims in central part of the country has risen to 40. Why so- called mujaheeds(?) who have wonderful relation with CIA, MOSSAD, NATO and enemies of Islam are at war against brutal(?) Assad taking no action for the...

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