Islamic Invitation Turkey
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"supporting terrorism" ile Etiketlenen Konular

11 February 2015 13:08

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has ruled out Syria’s joining the US-led coalition carrying airstrikes against what are said to be ISIL positions in Iraq and Syria, since members of the coalition are themselves sponsors of terrorism. Responding to a question in a Tuesday interview with the state-funded BBC on whether Syria would participate in the US-led campaign, Assad said, “No, definitely...

31 January 2014 14:55

The United States is “supporting terrorism” in Syria despite its claims that it is fighting terrorism in the world, a political commentator tells Press TV. “America who’s supposed to be fighting terrorism, in Syria is supporting terrorism. At the same time what Israel does is not being addressed at all by America. Israel has all these nukes and they can destroy...

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