1 in 2 in Britain have an unfavourable view of zionist israel

A study of attitudes towards Israel in the UK has found that 49 percent of Britons have an unfavourable view of Israel.

The annual poll of UK attitudes about Israel was conducted by the Populus polling company and was commissioned by an Israel lobby group, the British Israel Communications and Research Center (BICOM).

But despite the pro-Israel bias of the commissioners, the poll found that only 20 percent of the British public feels “warm” towards Israel and 23 percent feels warm towards Israelis.

Meanwhile, 49 percent said they felt “cold” towards Israel and 45 percent said they felt cold towards Israelis.

When asked if they consider Israel to be “an important trading partner of Britain post-Brexit,” only 38 percent said yes.

When asked if they agreed with boycotts against Israel only 14 percent supported this.

And when asked if they believe Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite, 38 percent said yes while 25 percent said he is “a committed campaigner against racism of all kinds including anti-Semitism.”

Israel controls UK politicians’ speech: Corbyn

Corbyn has once again come under fire for his anti-Israeli remarks, this time for a 2010 speech about British lawmakers’ support for Israel.

The poll was conducted with a nationally-representative sample of 2,035 adults from 5-7 October.

The UK authorities continue to maintain a strong military, political and business relationship with Israel, and British mainstream media is heavily pro Tel Aviv and anti Jeremy Corbyn.

Britain has approved arms sales to Israel worth $445 million since the 2014 Gaza war and it is believed that at least some of this equipment has been used to oppress people in the Occupied Territories.

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