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100 International Fighter Aircrafts to Conduct Drills in “Israel”


100 International Fighter Aircrafts to Conduct Drills in “Israel”
Local Editor

“Israeli” Channel 2 reported that “more than 100 fighter aircrafts of armies whose nationalities will remain confidential are to arrive to “Israel” for the largest international air force drills.”
The Channel stated, “The representatives’ different armies will train during the drill on maneuvers and joint air battles in “Israel”, due to its expertise accumulated throughout the years, encouraging foreign weaponry to wait in line to practice in “Israel”.”
Moreover, Channel 2 cited “Adom” squadron leader, Major Lieour as saying, “The “Israeli” air force executes missions alone, and does not depend on other air forces, but I believe that if cooperation is a must, these drills will only help us find a common ground with the world.”
The Channel further highlighted that “Israeli” pilots trained during the past few years in Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Cyprus, underscoring, “The Mediterranean sea’s skies are familiar to them, and they conducted drills while training in these countries on jets similar to Mig 29, all which will be performed in “Israel’s” sky.”

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