1000s of people rally in Spain’s Basque to demand independence


About 11,000 people from the indigenous Basque ethnic group have staged a rally in a northern Spanish city, calling for independence for the autonomous Basque region from Spain.

The protesters, carrying Basque flags and giant banners reading “Independence”, marched in the northern city of Pamplona in a rally organized by the Basque Independentistak (“Independence”) movement on Sunday to mobilize support for the region’s independence.

Basque has its own distinct language and culture as well as autonomy in policing and taxation.

“What we are proposing is to follow the unilateral way,” Txutxi Ariznabarreta, one of the leaders of the movement said, adding, “And that is a very important step strategy and that strategy requires people on the march.”

Spain’s Constitutional Court has already rejected a self-determination referendum for Basque.

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