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110 medicine types out of stock in Gaza

The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza has warned in a statement on Monday that hundreds of medicines and medical supplies were out of stock.

The statement said that 110 types of medicine and 123 kinds of medical supplies were out of stock.

Munir Al-Barsh, director of pharmaceutical department in the ministry, said that 76 other types of medication are expected to run out of stock within three months including those used in children’s nurseries and special baby milk for phenylketonuria urea patients.

He said that epilepsy and cancer medicines were also on the decline along with Thalassemia, anti poison, and Gynaecology medications.

Barsh said that the ministry addressed several messages and warnings regarding the serious consequences of the almost four-year siege on Gaza on the health sector and on lives of thousands of patients.

The ministry addressed urgent appeals to the Red Cross, WHO, UNRWA, and local and international concerned institutions to provide those medications the soonest.

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