2-4 October are the glorious days of “Festival of Affection” in Iran


2-4 October are the glorious days of “Festival of Affection” in Iran. So many children living in deprived regions have been able to reach higher degrees in their education and have caused great achievements. Imam Khamenei in addition to his constant support for this divinely glorious and national festival that has reached its 19th year have stressed an important point which is:

To help the poor is not doing a favor; it is a duty.

“The spirit of charity and beneficence must be cultivated in the society and should become part of people’s faith. Everyone should act according to this principle and respect the right of the poor in their properties; that is to say to consider this as the poor people’s right over themselves; this does not mean to think oneself as superior to other people. This is what Quran says. Quran does not say that you are superior to other poor people, but it says that they have a right in your property. “…there is a right for the beggar and the destitute”, it says in another place “…there is a right acknowledged for the beggar and the destitute”. However we should make this a culture in the Islamic society.”
The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei

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