Iraqi Popular Forces Warn to Disclose Coalition’s Support for ISIL


A senior advisor to Iraq’s Badr Organization announced that his organization will expose documents disclosing that the US-led coalition forces are helping the ISIL terrorist group.
“Badr Organization will not hesitate to reveal any document and evidence that substantiates the supply of (foodstuff and arms) aids to ISIL…” by the coalition forces, Karim al-Nouri told FNA.

Elsewhere, Al-Nouri said high level coordination is underway between the popular forces and Iraqi government for the start of Tikrit operations, and said, “We are ready to usher in a big battle for ending the (ISIL’s) occupation of Tikrit.”

Asked about the delay in the start of Tikrit liberation operations, the Iraqi official noted that the delay has been aimed at protecting civilian lives and decreasing possible casualties.

On Saturday, the Iraqi popular forces who shot down a US helicopter carrying weapons for the ISIL forces in Al-Baqdadi region released the photos of the shot down chopper through the Internet.

A group of Iraqi popular forces known as Al-Hashad Al-Shabi shot down the US Army helicopter that was carrying weapons for the ISIL in the western parts of Al-Baqdadi region in Al-Anbar province.

Last week, Head of the Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee Hakem al-Zameli announced that the helicopters of the US-led anti-ISIL coalition were dropping weapons and foodstuff for the ISIL terrorists in the Southern parts of Tikrit.

He underscored that he had documents and photos showing that the US Apache helicopters airdropped foodstuff and weapons for the ISIL.

Meantime, on Saturday a security official in Baghdad announced that the Iraqi troops are gearing up for an offensive against ISIL terrorists in Salahuddin province, as part of a mission to liberate the strategic city of Tikrit from ISIL control.

The Iraqi security official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that the army soldiers are readying to stage an operation against the Takfiri terrorists in Salahuddin province in an attempt to target the remaining strongholds of the ISIL terrorists and free the city of Tikrit.

The Iraqi army’s military operations in Salahuddin province will cover an area of 9,000 square kilometers.

According to senior military officials, the Iraqi popular forces comprising Badr Organization, Iraqi Hezbollah battalions, Ahl al-Haq battalions, Jund al-Imam, Seyed al-Shohada, Imam Ali (AS) Battalions and Al-Najba will fight beside the Iraqi army in its massive operations to liberate Tikrit city.

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