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Latest field update from East Ghouta – map

21 March 2018 14:40


For the second day in a row, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is storming the terrorist defenses inside the East Ghouta town of Hazah.

Led by the Republican Guard forces (104th, 105th, 106th brigades), the Syrian Arab Army struck the terrorist defenses in central Hazah, scoring a new advance after a fierce battle this morning.

According to a military source, the Syrian Army should be in full control of the town in the next 24 hours, as the remaining terrorists inside of Hazah have either retreated northwest or surrendered.

Hazah is a small town located northwest of recently captured Kafr Batna; it borders the southwestern axis of Zamalka, which is another terrorist stronghold.

Meanwhile, in the ‘Ayn Tarma Valley, the Syrian Army’s 4th Division is steadily advancing against the terrorist forces, seizing several points near the town of ‘Ayn Tarma.

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