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Trump calls Saudi regime ‘great friend, big purchaser of equipment’

21 March 2018 11:05


Zionist US President Trump held a meeting with zionist Crown Prince of Saudi regime Mohammad bin Salman, at the White House, Washington D.C., on Tuesday.

Discussing the USA’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, Trump acknowledged the economic benefits to their arrangement, when he said, “Saudi Arabia has been a very great friend and a big purchaser of equipment and lots of other things and one of the biggest investments in the United States is there – I guess its your big investment – is buying stocks in companies and various other things in the United States and creating jobs.”

While speaking to the press, Trump also revealed that he had congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on his election victory, over the phone. “I had a call with President [Vladimir] Putin and congratulated him on the victory, his electoral victory,” Trump told the press gang.

He also revealed that he had plans to meet with the Russian premier, “in the not too distant future.”

Topics for discussion between Trump and the Crown Prince include trade deals, regional security, terrorism and the Iranian nuclear deal.

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