Terrorists Surrendering to Army in Eastern Ghouta

More than 30 terrorists laid down arms and surrendered themselves to the Syrian army in Harasta in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus as other groups of militants are retreating from the region.

Field sources in Eastern Ghouta reported on Thursday that over 30 terrorists have given up fight and surrendered to the government troops through the Water Resources corridor in Harasta.

They added that the Syrian army has set up a new safe corridor in Dhahiyah al-Assad region, noting that 140 families have also passed through the passageway from Harasta to the army-held areas in Eastern Ghouta.

In a relevant development earlier today, the Ahrar al-Sham terrorist group agreed to leave Harasta for Northern Syria after sustaining heavy defeats in battle against the Syrian army in Eastern Damascus.

Field sources in Eastern Ghouta reported on Thursday that after talks between the Syrian government and Russian Reconciliation Center and Ahrar al-Sham commanders in Harasta region, the latter agreed to withdraw its forces.

They noted that 1,500 terrorists along with 6,000 family members will leave Harasta in several phases, adding that the Syrian government has given amnesty to the remaining militants who don’t want to leave Harasta.

The sources also revealed that Ahrar al-Sham was forced to leave the region due to the Syrian army’s insistence on cleansing Eastern Ghouta and the terrorists’ failed attempts to break the army’s siege on Harasta.

Relevant reports said on Wednesday that dozens of terrorists surrendered to the Syrian army in Harasta as militants are preparing to leave the region towards Idlib.

Field sources reported that 20 terrorists, including two snipers stationed in Harasta in Eastern Ghouta, which has fully been surrounded by the Syrian army forces, have surrendered themselves.

They also added that the terrorists who are preparing to leave Harasta for Idlib have set fire on their bases.

Sources had said on Tuesday that the terrorists stationed in Harasta in Eastern Ghouta will leave the region to Idlib as militants are making their last attempts to break the army’s siege.

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