Syrian Army Gains Control over Faylaq Al-Rahman’s Largest Stronghold in Eastern Ghouta


The Syrian army continued military operations in the last bastion of Faylaq al-Rahman terrorist group South of Eastern Ghouta, winning control over the terrorists’ positions and tightening noose on them.

The army forces advanced in the town of Ein Tarma in Eastern Ghouta on Thursday afternoon after regaining control over Wadi Ein Tarma region, taking back several buildings, farms and factories used by Faylaq al-Rahman terrorist group as bases and posts.

Army sources confirmed control over the plants called engineering factories, noting that they were among the terrorists’ largest bastions used to maintain and fix armored vehicles.

Meantime, field sources said that the army has tightened the noose on the militants, adding that they have no way out but to surrender.

Other army units also advanced from their positions in the town of Hamouriyeh, gaining control of a number of buildings in the South and Southeastern parts of the village of Hazeh in Eastern Ghouta.

The army forces had also on Thursday engaged in clashes with the terrorists in Eastern Ghouta and earned full control over Wadi Ein Tarma region.

A mid-ranking officer told FNA that the army units could finally shake hands with their comrades who had opened their way into the region from the direction of the Damascus city after advancing in Wadi Ein Tarma region and laid siege on the strategic town of Ein Tarma.

He added that the terrorists’ defense lines have collapsed after they sustained heavy damage and casualties in Ein Tarma.

The Syrian army launched the military operations in the region on Wednesday to isolate the terrorists’ remaining bases and advanced in several fronts.

The army forces could open their way in Wadi Ein Tarma and deployed Ja’me al-Wadi mosque.

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