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Syrian Army increases military presence in northern Aleppo as Turkish-backed troops advance

23 March 2018 19:00



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has increased their military presence in the northern countryside of the Aleppo Governorate, a source told Al-Masdar News this afternoon.

According to the source, the Syrian Army and pro-government National Defense Forces (NDF) have deployed most of their reinforcements to the towns of Al-Zahra’a and Nubl.

Both Al-Zahra’a and Nubl are considered two of the most important government strongholds in northern Aleppo; this makes their security a top priority for the Syrian Army’s High Command.

With the Turkish-backed rebels steadily advancing south of Afrin, the Syrian Army and National Defense Forces are on high alert for potential military activity.

The Turkish-backed rebels have already launched several attacks on the joint NDF-YPG troops south of Afrin, prompting the government to raise their security levels in Aleppo.

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