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Syrian Army Frees Several Abductees Held by Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta

1 April 2018 23:25

The Syrian Army troops freed eight abductees from terrorists’ jail in Eastern Ghouta, military sources reported on Sunday.

The sources deployed in Arbin safe corridor said that the army units freed 8 of the abductees who were held by the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta, adding that the abductees have been taken a hospital in the region for a general health check-up.

The freed individuals have been named as Jamal Lattouf, Mohammed al-Mahmoud, Nader al-Siteh, Fahed al-Raffeh, Mohammad Fatahi, Ali Zain–Eddin, Yazan Mehrez and Ammar al-Rakan.

“We were confident that the army will come to free us from the hands of the Takfiri organizations,” the abductees said.

Over the past few days, the army men have liberated 47 abducted individuals.

Military sources said on Saturday that the seventh batch of militants and their family members comprised of 3,614 people from the Eastern Ghouta towns of Zmelka, Harasta, ‘Ein Terma and Arbin departed on a total number of 75 buses for the Northern Aleppo town of ‘Afrin.

The last batch of militants and their family are expected to depart from Eastern Ghouta on Saturday; once completed, the Syrian Army will be in full control of the Southern and Central pockets of this region.

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